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At its essence, Son of León represents the wandering spirit of Los Angeles. From the sun kissed surf of the Pacific, to the bodegas of Hollywood, starlit nights under the Joshua Tree’s of the high desert, you will find yourself welcomed into the diversity and joy of Southern California. Angelenos are dreamers and creatives; we envision a lifestyle that has us feeling mindful about every passing moment and won’t accept anything less than enjoying life in the now. Son of León is a reflection of just that – our collections inspire a life of exploration and embracing our fellow humans for whatever journey they are on, regardless of shape or shade. This is what inspires us.

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our design process

We start our process with industry standard market research to understand the most current trends for the upcoming seasons.  Following this our designers work to develop custom sketches, line guides and specs on each design. Our team will carefully design all prints, and go through a rigorous strike off process to confirm original prints for all our garments. We go through multiple rounds of prototyping for each garment and fit them on a variety of non-traditional size models to ensure we get the best possible fit for all sizes. We then work hand in glove with our pattern makers, and manufacturing partners to get a quality assured final product delivered to you. Finally we work hard to provide an excellent cost point within the market, as we believe no one should pay over $100 for any one of our garments. We hope you enjoy wearing our products as much as we enjoyed making them!