What Are Cabana Sets?

The cabana set is the summer 2021 must have outfit to make a bold statement as you emerge from your many months of quarantine:

No. More. Sweatpants!

Sophisticated Comfort With The Perfect Amount Of Extra. 

Confidence is in style this summer with the cabana set. The cabana set’s timeless silhouette offers exceptional versatility appropriate for any summer occasion. While the prints showcase your charisma, uniqueness, nerve and... taste.

Cabana sets are a guaranteed way to elevate your style and show everyone that you are 100% that chic.

A History Rooted In Function…

The cabana set is signature California wear. While the 1940’s brought matching swim trunks and sport shirts to the public, the cabana set was truly born in the 1950’s when the iconic California swimwear manufacturer Catalina promoted it as a way to stay relaxed yet sophisticated while enjoying the best sun the country has to offer.

...With A Thriving Future In Fashion.

California style today is all about exploring the latest trends, and incorporating a beach casual spin on them making the cabana set the perfect fusion.

Cabana sets are known for their vivid colors and bold exotic, geometric, or foliage patterns. A staple that makes it fashionably fresh if we take into consideration how the unofficial outfit of quarantine turned to matching tie-dye attire. So dare we say that the cabana set has the potential to become the official outfit post quarantine.

Then Came Summer of SOL (Son of León)

In his debut collection Summer of SOL, Designer & Founder of Son of León, Eric Garcia, wanted to encourage people to live their best life. This collection represents vibrancy, individuality, self love and a summer of possibilities.

Taking inspiration from the original designs of the 1950’s, Garcia felt it was necessary to include a contemporary interpretation of the cabana set. The cabana set is the piece in this collection is meant to celebrate your inner chill mode.

malibu cabana set

Malibu Cabana Set- A Fresh Take

A cabana set with vivid marigold tone and a flowing floral pattern, the dream and promise of California wear is literally woven into the artisanal block printed Malibu Cabana set.

The print can be worn separately in so many diverse ways. Pair it with a t-shirt or a pair of jeans to tone it down. However we suggest that you embrace a Summer lived unapologetically and rock the cabana set.

Eco-friendly is also woven into production, because we are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint and impact on the environment while still providing you with comfort, sophistication and flexibility. That is why our cabana sets are crafted with more sustainable 100% EcoVero™ Viscose.

Environmentally conscious never looked so good. Weather it’s brunch, the beach, or the bar, you’re the main attraction- let them have it!

The Cabana Set Is The Perfect Summer Outfit For Any Occasion.

Express your personality in a unique look that will turn heads wherever the day may take you or dress up your entire crew #squadgoals and live your Instagram #influencer fantasy.





You Need A Cabana Set If You Are Looking For:

  • Summer brunch outfit.
  • Pool party outfit that walks on water.
  • Sunday Funday outfit that can take you to Tuesday.
  • Beach outfit that says: “I own 51% of this ocean.”
  • A happy hour outfit you wore from your office.
  • A vacation getaway outfit that will take you on many bad ass adventures.

This summer make sure to get out there and share with us your adventures rocking the Malibu Cabana set.

Editor Credit: Gregorio Sanchez