Artisanal Style: The Baja Hoodie

Everyone owns a hoodie. It’s super cozy and versatile enough for literally every occasion. From the beginnings of Medieval Europe when monks would have an attached hood to their robes, to nowadays where hoodies have evolved to a must-have for those Netflix and chill nights, it's safe to say that hoodies aren’t just a fast fashion fad. 

So, what is the most popular hoodie? Specifically on the West Coast?

The Baja hoodie is a bit enigmatic within the hoodie market and amongst hoodie lovers. Originating in Mexico, the Baja hoodie was made popular amongst hippies & surfers who frequented the Baja coast to get away from the touristy beaches of SoCal. They noticed the locals sporting these artisanal hoodies and they loved the warmth and absorbing factor so much that they brought the style back with them.

So which brand is best for hoodies? Nowadays, you can find different renditions of the hoodie from many brands, stretching from designer hoodies like yeezy gap hoodies to your run-of-the-mill H&M hoodies. Considering Son of León is a California-inspired, Mexican-owned label, it was only natural to craft our own take on the Baja hoodie.

Like all of our designs, the Son of León Baja hoodie was crafted from scratch. We wanted to keep the heritage silhouette of the hoodie but add in details that were artisanal - natural wooden buttons, 100% jacquard cotton, yarn-dyed weave; just to name a few details. The look was brought together with vibrant & coordinating striped colors & prints, representing the Baja hoodie’s traditional Mexican origins and Californian subculture of the 1970’s. 

We really hope you enjoy our versions of the Baja hoodie. We currently offer the lightweight Baja hoodie with blue/red/white colors and the thicker High Desert hoodie with more desert/earth tone stripes. Both options are great for all-year wear. You can also get an up-close look at our Baja hoodie from our Son of Leon Youtube channel

See you out there at sunset!

As seen on Colton Underwood HERE.